useful tips for kitchen remodeling

Kitchen renovation must haves

If you plan on tackling a kitchen renovation project, then you should consider including the following “must haves” on your list, so that the final result is not only good, but amazing.

Choose a neutral design

You should always look at your house at a whole, instead of opting for different styles of design for each room. Different design styles might clash, for example having a modern kitchen in a rustic house. Once you consider the design style of the rest of the house, you can decide how your kitchen should look like, what types of materials you could use for the kitchen renovation, the necessary fixtures and finishes. The items that are the most expensive such as the cabinets, the counters and the appliances should be neutral, because you probably won’t replace them as often. Wall paint and certain accessories are much easier to change depending on your mood or on design trends that come and go.

Establish the kitchen layout

For the kitchen, the most common layout is the work triangle area so that you have everything at hand for cooking and serving meals while also having enough space to move around. Make sure that appliance doors don’t interfere with the traffic patterns or that they don’t open into each other. If you want to gain some extra space, you can open a wall, but only if you consider how the finished kitchen looks like in the house as a whole.

Storage areas

What you want to do for a successful kitchen renovation is to maximize storage space as much as possible. For example, you can incorporate the utilities into a cabinetry to obtain a more seamless look and you can go for various smaller storage options such as corner units, spice racks, drawers with dividers and extra dividers in base cabinets.

Lighting fixtures

Although lighting is not considered as important for a kitchen renovation like in the case of a bathroom renovation, you can still create light layers, using windows for natural light and different types of light fixtures. You can opt for pot lights, task lights, hanging lights, or even for beautiful skylights if possible. Hanging lights in particular have a dual purpose, because they are great for task lighting, but also create a welcoming space.

Use durable materials

In such heavy-traffic space, you need to consider choosing durable materials that are easy to maintain. For example, wood countertops are great for a rustic kitchen, but for families with small children and pets, wood is probably not the best option because it can scratch easily. For the flooring, hardwood is one of the most durable options available, but you should keep in mind that you need to maintain hardwood flooring and it should match other types of flooring you have in your house. Make sure to check out what other types of materials you can find on the market, because there’s always something new that could help you improve your kitchen.

Make your kitchen comfortable

The kitchen is often seen as a functional space, but it’s important not to forget about comfort and to add accessories that can add warmth to the overall design, such as drapes, blinds, carpets, runners or some artwork on the walls.

Opt for high quality appliances and fixtures

You don’t have to break the bank to have some quality appliances even though these are some of the most expensive elements of a kitchen renovation. However, consider investing in items that you will use for many years to come, not just to replace them in a couple of years. In time, it’s more expensive to constantly replace appliances and fixtures.

New accessories for the kitchen renovation

Accessories are some of the kitchen renovation must haves because they can add value to this room in terms of style, efficiency and ease of use. You can find all kind of beautiful and useful kitchen accessories to improve your kitchen, usually without having to plan a big budget for these items.

Eco-friendly kitchen renovation

If being environmental-friendly is important for you, a kitchen renovation provides the perfect opportunity to make some improvements in your house. For example, you can choose sustainable materials whenever possible, such as recycled glass for countertops, cork floors, low PVC paint etc.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, contact the Good Deal Remodeling team and we will be happy to walk you through all the steps and help you make the best decisions.