renovate bathroom and kitchen

What you need to know if you want to renovate the bathroom and the kitchen

There comes a moment in the life of any of us when we feel the need to bring a new breath of fresh air into the house, and the most common renovations are those related to bathroom and kitchen. Although the renovation can be a process that would initially scare anyone, if you follow a few key steps you will get to enjoy everything twice as much when it’s new.

First of all, whether we are talking about bathroom or kitchen, make a plan with absolutely everything you want to do. From the budget you want to invest and the time you have or the team of professionals you work with.

Do not forget to include the things you want to change – the color, the tile, the furniture or even the installations. A great help in the acquisition process can be a collage of images with what patterns you want or color palettes for pieces of furniture. You will see that once the plan has been established, things get clearer and you know exactly what you have to do, but especially, you will know what to negotiate with the professional team.

Second, choose a team of professionals who, besides doing a good job, can give you some advice and can help you with explanations. A contractor will be able to tell you when to buy ceiling paint, how long it takes to replace the tile and how you can plan your budget for different design details to turn your rooms into places that you like.

Bathroom renovation

1.Plan each stage

If you have established what you want to change in the bathroom, take it one by one and plan each stage of the renovation process. It is recommended to start with the ceiling that you decide on how to repaint it, following the walls and the tile you choose, and at the end the floor and the pattern of the tile you bought. If you want to make a major upgrade, then you will start by changing the installations. With the help of professionals, you will get the most out of your electrical and sanitary installations.

2.Choose style and design

Style and design are the things to watch in the next phase. There are different types of tile, but the ceramic tile is the most used type being durable and economical. If you do not choose a complementary range of tile, you can play with colorful textures and accents that you can find in a wide range in specialized stores.

3.Consider functionality

Finally, functionality is the most important aspect in completing the bathroom renovation process. You have to keep in mind things like storage spaces, the size of the shower cabin (depending on family members), double-role accessories, etc. All these things will help you create a space with a pleasant atmosphere.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is the place where the whole family begins their day and so much more. Along with family holidays, the kitchen turns into a space full of precious moments for you and your loved ones.

1.Change the lighting fixtures

If you feel the need for a change and you do not know exactly what you should improve, try to play with lighting – bulbs, lampshades or lighting solutions that fit into furniture pieces. There are details that can completely change the decor of the kitchen without making great efforts.

2.Try new facades for furniture

Another aspect with which you can juggle is the facade of furniture pieces. First of all, try to fix what should be repaired (hinges, drawers, re-fitting faults) or even repaint the cabinet doors or drawers or change details such as handles, curtains, useful tools that you use on a regular basis. The same applies to household appliances. If they work perfectly, try to clean them well, and if you really feel the need to change them, choose the ones that are made of stainless steel because they are easy to maintain and upgrade the way the kitchen looks instantly.

3.Choose sandstone for the walls

However, if you are planning a major kitchen renovation, you can opt for a wall decoration made of sandstone to change up a little the purpose of wall and floor tile. If you can’t use wall tile for the bathroom floor because it does not have the necessary weight and traffic resistance, you can find a tile pattern that completely changes the appearance of the room. For example, some sandstone patterns resemble wood and mix well with most pieces of furniture.

Renovation is a difficult process for everyone, but if you organize everything in advance, you make a plan to cover as many things as you want to change and choose an experienced contractor and quality materials, you will find that the process can be pleasant. After all, changing things in the house is always a nice challenge and you will enjoy the result for a very long time.