kitchen remodeling guide

The complete guide for kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is also called the “heart of the house” because it is one of the most special rooms in a home. Here you start your day with a strong coffee, and here you end it with family and a delicious dinner. It’s a room where you spend a lot of time and that deserves all your attention.

We have prepared a complete guide for the kitchen you have always dreamed of. Regardless of the space you have, the shape and the ideas you have, below you will find the most important information you need for a kitchen remodeling

What should you keep in mind if you set up the kitchen in the balcony?

A lot of those living in an apartment choose to set up their kitchen in the balcony to get more space in the house, but it is also an option for those who would like to add some extra space to a small kitchen. You must, however, make sure that the balcony is well insulated and don’t forget to install a heating source (preferably a radiator).

You will need a team of professionals to fit the oven to the gas and to extend the electrical installation to the balcony so that you have sockets and light there. And for the sink, you’ll need specialized help to change the water pipe and drain pipe path. Remember that in order to make these changes, you may need some approvals to do them.

Open space kitchen in the living room – advantages and disadvantages

Open space kitchens are becoming more and more popular in most modern homes. The main advantage of the interior design that combines the living room with the kitchen is that of the space – it saves much space and gives the feeling of a spacious kitchen. Another advantage is that it gives you a lot of freedom in terms of remodeling; you can implement a lot of ideas, because you have more room. You can set up a kitchen island and a large dining place with a spacious family space.

The disadvantage of arranging an open kitchen would be the one related to the smells of food that would be scattered throughout the house without a door separating the two rooms. Of course, a good quality hood makes this problem disappear.

L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens? – advantages and disadvantages

When you set up the style of your kitchen, you have several shapes to choose from, given the furniture fronts. You have the single-row version with two parallel faces, but also the L-shaped variants – a front arranged on two walls – and U-shaped – a front arranged on three walls. The latter in the form of L and U are very popular choices for small kitchens, because they help to organize the space more efficiently.

In both cases, the advantages are obvious: a large worktop that provides work area continuity, many storage spaces and harmonious delineation from the dining area. However, you must also take into account the fact that in order to arrange the kitchen; more space is needed, because, ultimately, it involves the placement of furniture on at least two walls. In the U-shaped kitchen, there is also the risk that the room appears crowded and dark.

Long and narrow kitchen remodeling

Narrow kitchens are a challenge in terms of remodeling. One option to consider is the L-shaped layout above-mentioned, completed with a narrow table on the opposite wall or, better yet, with an expandable table installed in the wall.

Another idea is to use instead of a classic table a narrow and tall bar. Choose colors as light as possible, maybe even white for walls and the table. When you remodel a small and narrow kitchen, the furniture should also be in a light shade – beige, light yellow or a light green shade are all excellent choices.

If you have a narrow and long kitchen, you can choose to cut a space on the wall next to the living room or to the hall and set up a dining are there.

Setting up an outdoor kitchen

If you have the necessary space, arranging an outdoor kitchen will turn any culinary experience into an exceptional one. It is preferable for it to be covered, so you can enjoy the pleasure of having a meal outdoor even when it’s raining.

To create such a space in your yard you will need to expand the grid to illuminate the kitchen, expand the gas pipe and the water and sewerage network. For the floor, you can use either classic sandstone or natural stone.

Remember that furniture must be so chosen as to withstand moisture, dust and extreme temperatures. You can use massive wood treated with special lakes for exterior. For table and chairs you can use rattan furniture, very resistant to any weather conditions.

The advantages of an outdoor kitchen are many, including the lack of unpleasant odors, the infinite pleasure of preparing meals and eating outdoors, and the fact that if you set up an outdoor kitchen, the price of the property will increase.

How high are suspended kitchen cabinets mounted?

There is not necessarily a rule in this regard; it also depends very much on the style of furniture chosen. Usually, however, suspended cabinets are located at a distance of about 60 inches from the countertop. It can be even smaller and bigger, but remember that the kitchen hood should not be more than 70 cm away from the hob to get the steam, so take it into account.

How to choose the perfect kitchen countertop?

The main criterion for choosing the kitchen countertop is the material. The most common options include:

  • Granite – more and more popular, elegant and available in numerous nuances;
  • Marble – it gives a special, elegant look, but it is also more expensive and harder to handle;
  • Concrete – with a matte finish, grungy or marble-like texture, the tile can be placed on the concrete slab, easy to care for and in multiple models;
  • Massive wood – perfect for rustic kitchens, but it must be lacquered often and treated to withstand moisture;
  • Laminate countertop – is the most popular and affordable option, you can find it in all furniture stores in multiple models; it is easy to maintain and stain resistant.

 How to choose the kitchen tile?

An unwritten rule of interior design says the kitchen countertop and the tile should have the same color. You can, however, give in to your imagination and choose whatever color you want, as long as you remember our recommendation not to load the room too much.

From the chromatic point of view, these three things – the furniture, the countertop and the tiles should be harmonious. A useful trick would be to choose a mosaic tile model to add a little dynamism to the room, being also very suitable for rustic style kitchens.

Choose a tile for heavy traffic, easy to clean and of good quality, because it is a room where various accidents can occur and you certainly don’t want your tile to break the first time you drop a jar down.

Mistakes to avoid in kitchen remodeling

Here are the most common mistakes that are made when you remodel your kitchen:

  • Ignoring storage spaces;
  • Choosing the aesthetic principle at the expense of the practical one, ending up choosing hard-to-handle materials that suffer from moisture and frequent stains that occur in the kitchen;
  • Overloading space with furniture objects, colors, patterns and multiple textures;
  • You let yourself guided only by trends; they are passing through and in a few years your kitchen will look outdated and will not reflect your personality.

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